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Essential Fishing Gear

Mobile Phone – For safety, camera, torch, recording catches etc etc. 

NRW Fishing Licence – Must carry at all times.

Sewin/Seatrout (fly fishing)

Fly Rods - A 10’ to 10’6 fly rod is recommended with a line rating between 6-8 AFTM. Your reel should have at least 100 yds of backing. Some like a large arbour reel and you need a good working drag system.

Fly lines - Take a minimum of two lines; a full floater and a sink tip (type 3 or similar). Some like to keep two rods set up at all times so they can fish a sink tip but if they want to switch to a surface lure they don’t need to change lines.  An intermediate line (say 1.5-2.5 inch per second) and a full sinking line are useful extras. 

Leader material - The Towy has many double figure fish and also you often need to drop your fly near bushes on the far bank. To avoid breakages we would suggest not less than 15lbs. leader for night fishing. In clearer water and day time fishing this can come down to 10-12lbs.

Flies - Most flies we use at night tend to be a variation of the black and silver but and we use small doubles to large singles with flying trebles and lightly dressed 2” tube flies, as well as large ‘Jambo’ type surface lures.  Your ghillie should be able to adviseand have flies to purchase.

Nets - A large net, preferably with a fixed rim and carried on your back is best for night time fishing. Some nets have built in weighing scales or take a tape measure.

Torch - A torch is essential and some prefer and head or clip on torch which leaves your hands free. Some have red filters which can cut done glare at night on the river.

Snips/Pliers – A tool to help unhook flies is vital, and obviously cut leader etc.

Waders - Chest waders are essential. The wading is generally fairly easy and the river bottom fairly smooth, but you can wade quite deep at times. Use a wading stick if you feel more comfortable.


You can use your seatrout gear but if specifically targeting salmon on a fly we would suggest a  13’ – 15’ double handed salmon rod with 8-10# line. Floating lines with a good selection of sink tips are the norm and leader around 15lbs. We use traditional salmon flies, doubles and tubes, with black, yellow, orange/red and blue patterns all working.

Spinning is permitted in high/coloured water.

Spinning Rod – 9 – 10’ long with fixed spool spinning reel big enough to take 12-15 lbs mono/fluorocarbon.

Lures - Flying Cs 15-20g. Colours black/yellow/red. Rapala countdown 7 – 11cm. Colours - fire tiger/brown trout/rainbow trout/silver bleak.

Note – all hooks on spinning lures must now be single and barbless.

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