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These rules apply to all rods and guests.

  1. Anyone fishing should take care when so doing, especially at night. You should be aware that wading can be hazardous and extreme care should be taken at all times when wading, crossing the river or climbing up or down the banks or when fishing from the boards. Rocks can be slippery, there can be deep holes and if in any doubt wading sticks and/or safety jackets should be worn.

  2. Fishing shall be supervised by the Ghillie whose reasonable directions shall be adhered to. The Estate and/or Ghillie reserve the right to revoke any permission at any time should in their opinion any of the rules or conditions are broken.

  3. The fishing at Golden Grove is divided into four beats. Starting from the top at Llandeilo Bridge these are Glanyrafon, Cilsane, Upper Ro Fawr and Lower Ro Fawr. Rods shall be allocated a beat and these shall rotate on a daily basis. Rods shall stick to the boundaries of their beat at all times unless otherwise advised by the Ghillie. Rods may fish on their allocated Beat from 0700 hrs until 0700 hrs the following day.

  4. All rods should be in possession of a valid EA Licence. The fishing shall be by fly or spinner only. Worms and use of prawns/shrimp are not permitted.

  5. All the fishing is double bank.

  6. Guests are encouraged to return fish they catch, and please refrain from lifting them clear of the water. In any event all salmon caught before June 16th. must be returned.

  7. Details of all fish caught, whether returned or not, shall be recorded and provided to the ghillie or Estate Office.

  8. Any children must be kept under control and supervision, especially by the River, which can be very dangerous.

  9. Dogs are allowed at Golden Grove but must be under proper control please (Beware of nesting duck, livestock etc.). The ghillie reserves the right to refuse guests permission to bring their dogs.

  10. When driving or fishing near the river please keep lights to a minimum.

  11. Guests shall be responsible for the security of all their own vehicles, fishing and other equipment and valuables at all times. The Directors of Golden Grove Estate Ltd shall not be held liable for the loss or damage.

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